How does MassageBook handle multiple business locations?

You can add multiple business locations to your MassageBook account without having to create separate login information. Each geographical location for a business is recognized as a separate business, even if the name of the business itself is the same. This allows for each business location to have it's own set of Staff, Services, Prices, Hours of Availability, etc. Therefore, you will notice a distinct business listed under your Business tab for each of these locations and each will be managed separately. If you own the business, select the drop down arrow next to your current business name and choose "Add New Business".

If you are not the business owner of the MassageBook account, you can add the business to the Places of Work section of your Personal Listing.

Whether the business you work for is listed and active on MassageBook or not, clients will have the ability to see where you work under the Places I Work section on your Personal website.

The monthly Subscription Plan you select for each additional business will be 50% off the normal price.

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