Setting up recurring Subscription plans for clients in Stripe

Setting up recurring payments for a particular client can be completed in just a few simple steps! While MassageBook does not currently store credit card numbers on file, you can store this information directly in your Stripe account in order to create a recurring payment for a client.

Please Note: All transactions made outside of MassageBook will not display in your MassageBook Sales Activity. To best record these transactions, select the payment method Other at the time of checkout in your MassageBook account.

1. Navigate to your Business tab.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Payments.

4. Select Manage my Account.

5. Login to your Stripe account using the email address and password you created when setting up your Stripe account. You can also login via

6. Once logged in, you will be routed to your Stripe Dashboard. Under Subscriptions on the left, select Plans

Please Note: You can create a Subscription without having a customer created, but in order to sign a client up for a particular subscription, you will first need to add the client as a Customer in your Stripe account. This article will assume that you have added a customer prior to creating a Subscription. To learn more about creating a customer in Stripe, click here

7. Select +New

8. Complete the fields in the Create New Plan modal, noting that the ID must be unique and can only be applied to one plan. The Interval drop-down provides various billing options which determine when the client will be automatically charged. The Trial Period grants a credit for X number of days, meaning the client will not be charged until the number of days entered have passed. Select Create Plan once you are ready to save the plan. In this case, we will make a plan for Buy 5 Swedish Massages - Get 1 Free. This charge will occur once every 3 months, allowing for 2 services per month.  

9. Once your plan has been created, it will show in your Plans menu.

10. To subscribe a client to the plan, select Customers on the left, and select the desired client.

11. The client's Stripe profile will display information specific to their customer account. Under Active Subscriptions, select + Add Subscription.

12. Select +Add a plan > Add (next to the desired one). 

13. Select Create subscription. If the plan selected has no trial period, the card will be charged at the time the subscription is added.

14. Within the customer's profile, the subscription will display under Active Subscriptions.

15. The invoice for the amount paid will display under Invoices.

16. Future charges will display under Upcoming InvoiceView Next Invoice. For our example, notice the date is three months out.

17. To view the upcoming invoice, simply click on it and you will be taken to an invoice page specific to that client's subscription.

18. To modify or cancel a client's subscription, locate Active Subscriptions and select Edit on their customer details page.

Adding a Subscription Plan with a Trial Period:

1. To add a new subscription, select SubscriptionsPlans >+ New. 

2. For this new plan, we are going to add a Trial Period of 30 days, meaning the client will not be charged until 30 days have passed.

3. The new plan now shows in the menu as available for selection on the customer details page.

4. The trial period for this plan extends for 30 days, meaning the client will not be charged until the date provided. 

5. Selecting the invoice will display when the client's credit card on file will automatically be charged.

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