Selling Gift Certificates at a discount

If selling MassageBook Gift Certificates publicly on your Business Listing, its important to note that the value of the Gift Certificate is determined by the purchase price. This means that a Gift Certificate valued at $80 must be sold at a cost of $80. We recognize that your business may want to run a promotion on Gift Certificates by selling them at a lower cost than their value, and while there may be multiple ways for you to do this within MassageBook, we recommend one of the following options: 

Selling Discounted Gift Certificates via Online Booking

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Gift Certificates.
  4. Select Custom Certificates.
  5. Select Create New.
  6. Title your Gift Certificate to reflect the promotion that you are running, for example: Purchase a $100 Gift Certificate for $80 now through January 1st!
  7. Set the Purchase Price (also the value) to $80.
  8. When the Gift Certificate is purchased, apply $20 in Store Credit to the purchaser's account. When the client redeeming the Gift Certificate comes in for their appointment, apply an additional $20 discount to their balance and reduce the Store Credit on file for the purchasing client.

(Optional) Create another Custom Certificate for $20 and title it to reflect the promotion. Deselect the checkbox next to Online so that it is not purchasable via online booking. Sell the client the $20 Custom Certificate from the Cash Register, discounting the amount due to 0.00. This will place a Gift Certificate in the amount of $20 on the purchasing client's account.

 Selling Discounted Gift Certificates via the Business' Cash Register:

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Cash Register.
  3. Add the purchasing client's name to the field marked Select Client.
  4. Select the Gift Certificate tab and fill out the Gift Certificate.
  5. Enter the amount to be discounted from the total in the space marked Discount, and provide a Reason, if applicable.

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