Applying a Gift Certificate During Check-Out

If you are a Business Owner, or a Staff member with access to the Cash Register, you can redeem MassageBook Gift Certificates by applying the client's unique Gift Certificate Code during the checkout process.

You can locate the Gift Certificate Code from one of the following areas:

  • The Account or Credits tab of the client in your Client List who purchased the Gift Certificate.

  • The Gift Certificates Activity Table in your Marketing section:

  • The Gift Certificates Sales Report in your Sales section:

  1. Locate the appointment on your Business Schedule or via the MassageBook mobile app.
  2. Select Check out.
  3. From the Cash Register, select Checkout.
  4. On the Payment Method screen, select Gift Cert.
  5. Paste or Enter the Gift Certificate Code. The value of the Gift Certificate will display, and you will have the option to apply the total amount or a different amount. If the cost of the Service exceeds the value of the Gift Certificate, you will be presented once more with the Payment Options menu in order for the client to pay the remaining balance. Any unused value will be applied to their client record as Store Credit.

Applying a Tip when the Client is Paying with a Gift Certificate:

Using the remaining balance as a Tip: Since the full amount of the Gift Certificate was received when it was initially purchased, there's no need to add income to the invoice because the money is already accounted for in your Sales. Simply reduce the remaining Store Credit on the client's file by tip amount.

Tipping with Cash, Check or Credit when the Full Value of the Gift Certificate has been Applied to the Appointment: Add the payment during the checkout process to account for the newly received income. 

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