Redeeming a Gift Certificate During Checkout

Once a Gift Certificate sale is complete, a gift code is generated that can be redeemed by the Business when checking out an appointment. 

Prior to redeeming the code, locate and copy it so that you can quickly paste it during checkout. This also ensures that it's entered correctly. 

To check out an appointment using a Gift Certificate, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Locate the appointment you need to check out. 
  4. Select the appointment block to open the side menu. 
  5. Select Check out to go to the first page of Checkout and to review the details. 
  6. Select Checkout to proceed to the next page. 
  7. If adding a cash, check, or credit card tip, enter a dollar amount in the Tip field. The total due will update accordingly. 
  8. Select Gift Cert under Payment Method.
  9. Paste or enter the Gift Certificate Code.
  10. Enter the Amount to Apply. If you entered a tip in step 7 and the gift code's value is greater than or equal to the total due, apply only the amount of the Service if you want the balance due (tip) to be paid out by cash, credit card, or check. Otherwise, the tip amount will be subtracted from the gift code's value. 
  11. Select Record Payment
  12. If a balance due remains because the gift code's value is less than the cost of the Service or if you entered a tip in step 7, select another Payment Method to finalize the transaction: 
    • If cash, select Cash > Record Payment
    • If check, select Check > enter the check number > Record Payment
    • If credit card and you're connected with Stripe, select Charge to key in or swipe a card. 
    • If credit card and you're connected with Square using a computer, select Charge to key in the card.
    • If credit card and you're connected with Square using a tablet, select Square to process through Square Point of Sale (POS). If the payment in POS is for the tip entered in step 7, instruct the Client to only sign in POS. Do not add an additional tip. If a tip is added in Square and MassageBook, the card will be charged for both amounts. 

A receipt will be generated once the total due is recorded. Afterwards, you'll be returned to the Schedule, and the appointment block will update to Checked Out. 


  • If a Client redeems a Gift Certificate that is valued at more than the cost of the Service, the remaining balance is converted to Store Credit. The gift code will no longer be active, and the Store Credit can be applied towards future payments with your Business. 
  • A Gift Certificate can also be redeemed through the Cash Register if the recipient is buying a Product or prepaying for a Service or Series.
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