Accounting for previously sold Gift Certificates

If your business previously sold gift certificates prior to MassageBook, or if you have custom gift certificates for sale in your office, you can add those unique codes in MassageBook! This allows the gift certificate recipient to redeem it during online booking. You can manage your custom gift certificate codes just as you would any other MassageBook gift certificate! 

Before you begin: Determine whether or not you want to check out the gift certificate at a discount, or using Store Credit. Since the gift certificate was sold prior to MassageBook, checking it out with a balance due will generate income for your business on the date that you issue the gift certificate. This could mess up your business' Sales Activity, as you did not actually generate income on the day you generated the code in MassageBook. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Cash Register.
  3. Enter the name of the client who purchased the Gift Certificate in the Select Client field, or select Add New if the client is not in your Client List. 
  4. Navigate to your Business tab.
  5. Select Cash Register.
  6. Select Add Gift Certificate.

  7. Select the option to Create Gift Certificate Code.

  8. Enter your own unique code and add the value of the gift certificate to the amount field.

    • This code can only be used once per business. Once the code has been regenerated or redeemed, it can be used again.
    • If you are discounting the cost of gift certificate, do not discount it here. The value determines how much it is worth, not how much the client is paying for it.

  9. Select Apply.
  10. If discounting the amount due to 0.00 (since its already been paid for), add a Discount so the amount due is 0.00 (this does not change the value of the Gift Certificate, only the amount owed to you). If choosing to pay with Store Credit, choose that option in step 11.
  11. Select Checkout followed by Confirm to complete the payment process.
  12. On the receipt page, select the first option for Done, don't send email receipt. This is important, so that you do not confuse the client by sending them another receipt for the Gift Certificate purchase. 

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