Selling a Gift Certificate for Donation

MassageBook provides you with an easy way to both sell and track Gift Certificates that your business donates. To ensure that your donated Gift Certificate does not appear as income in your Sales Activity, be sure to check out the Gift Certificate using Store Credit. 

This tutorial will cover:

  • Setting up a client record to track sale and redemption of your donated Gift Certificates.
  • Creating the Gift Certificate and either printing or emailing it to the recipient.
  • Keeping track of all the Gift Certificates you have donated. 

Creating a Client Specifically for Donated Gift Certificates:

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Select Add New to create a client record that will house all of your donated Gift Certificates. We recommend titling the client Gift Certificates (or whatever you prefer) so that you will be able to easily associate this client with your donated Gift Certificates.
  4. Select the Account tab.
  5. In the space marked Store Credit, apply a value that will cover the cost of the Gift Certificates that you wish to donate. You'll use the credit to pay for the purchase of the Gift Certificate at check-out.

Donating the Gift Certificate:

  1. Navigate to your Cash Register.
  2. Enter the name 'Gift Certificates' (or the name of the client record that you created for donating Gift Certificates) in the space marked Select Client
  3. Select Add Gift Certificates > Generate New.
  4. Choose a Template; select the Type of Gift Certificate from the drop-down; enter the Recipient's First and Last Name; choose whether to Print or Email it; Personalize it and select Save. Note that only the template and type of Gift Certificate fields are required. If you want to print blank Gift Certificates to fill in later by hand, you can do so.
  5. Proceed with the donation by selecting Checkout.
  6. On the Payment screen, select Apply Credit to cover the cost of the Gift Certificate. 
  7. The balance due will display as 0.00. Select Confirm to complete the check-out process.
  8. Depending on the method that you chose, you can now print the Gift Certificate from button presented in the Cash Register, or the recipient will be emailed the Gift Certificate.

What Happens Next:

  1. Your Sales Activity accurately displays that no income was accounted for when you applied the Store Credit.

  2. The available Store Credit balance in the client record you created specifically for the donation of Gift Certificates has been reduced by the amount of the previously sold Gift Certificate.

  3. You can view the status of all donated Gift Certificates on the Activity Report found in the Marketing section of your account.

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