Donating a Gift Certificate

Is your Business donating a Gift Certificate to a fundraiser or other special event? 

Before you begin creating a Gift Certificate for donation: 

  • Add a Client named Gift Certificates (or another related title if you prefer) to the Clients section of your Business Profile. A purchasing Client must be selected in order to create and sell a Gift Certificate through the Cash Register, and all activity for donations will be stored under this Client's record.
  • Add Store Credit in the amount of the Gift Certificate to the Client's record. This will be used to cover the total due when creating and selling the Gift Certificate, and no earned income will be added to Sales because Store Credit does not count towards it.
  • Decide if you want to generate a Service or Custom Certificate OR create a Unique Code.  

To create and sell a Gift Certificate for donation, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Cash Register
  3. Select Add Gift Certificate
  4. Select the type you're donating:
    • If you're generating a Service or Custom Certificate, select Generate New to select a template and to add the details. Note: A recipient is not required when filling in the details.
    • If you're creating a Unique Code, select Create Gift Code to enter the code and amount of your choice.
  5. Once the Gift Certificate is added to the Cash Register, type in Search Clients to locate and select the Gift Certificate Client.
  6. Select Checkout to proceed with recording the payment. 
  7. Select Apply Credit to use the Store Credit and to update the balance due to $0.
  8. Select Confirm

Once the sale is finalized, the Gift Certificate will be stored under Gift Certificates in the Credits section of the purchasing Client's record. 

If you selected to generate a new one and to send it by email, the Gift Certificate will automatically be emailed to the address you entered when filling in the details. It will contain your Business's contact information, the gift code, and a link to your MassageBook Business Website to book online. 

If you selected to generate a new one and to print it, select Print Gift Certificate on the Sales Receipt that's generated at the end of checkout. It will include the same information as the emailed version. 

If you selected to create one, add the Unique Code to your preprinted Gift Certificate so that the recipient of the donation has access to and can redeem it.


  • Because a recipient isn't required, a Gift Certificate can be redeemed by whomever receives the donation.
  • Gift Certificates cannot be sold through the Cash Register in MassageBook Mobile.
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