How a Client Purchases a Gift Certificate Online

Our Gift Certificates feature gives clients the ability to customize and purchase Gift Certificates for friends and family directly from your MassageBook Business Website. Clients can select either a Service or Custom Certificate, choose a template, personalize a message, and complete the purchase by paying via credit card. All Gift Certificates generate a unique code that can be redeemed online or in office at the time of service. 

In order to sell Gift Certificates on your Business Website, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. You must be on a Subscription Plan or a 30 day Free Trial that includes Gift Certificates.
  2. You must have credit card processing enabled by setting up a Stripe account. 
  3. You must have a Gift Certificates Menu set up in the Marketing section. 
For the Client:

1. Select the Gift Certificates tab on the Business Website and Select a gift. 


2.  Pick the Certificate Style of your choice. 


3. Customize the Gift Certificate by including the recipient's First and Last Name, Delivery Method (Print or Email), Email Address (if emailing), and a Personalized Message.


 4. The recipient may or may not be the actual redeemer of the Gift Certificate, and they might not be a current client of the business. For this reason, the unique code is placed on your (the Purchaser's) account until it's redeemed. Enter your own email address on the Confirm Checkout page.


If you have booked online before, or created an account with that email address, you will be prompted to enter in your password only. If the email address you entered has never been associated with an online booking before, complete the contact form shown below. This information will be placed on your client record in the Business' client list. 

 5. Enter your Payment (credit card) information.


6. You will be presented with a Success! screen and will have the option to purchase another Gift Certificate.


What Emails are Generated when a Client Purchases a Gift Certificate? 

  1. The purchasing client receives a receipt.
  2. If the purchaser chooses to email the gift, the recipient receives a customized Gift Certificate complete with a claim code, the business' contact information, and the MassageBook Business Website Address for online booking. If the purchaser chooses to print the gift, the same information is included on the hardcopy. 
  3. The business receives both an email and text message (if enabled) alerting them of the online Gift Certificate purchase.


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