Bring 'Em Back Summary

Everyday, MassageBook's Guru automatically searches your Schedule for clients whom you have seen before, but have not had an appointment checked out within 38 days. Those clients are then placed into a email marketing drip that triggers a sequence of five emails to be sent one at a time, 21 days apart until the client has booked an appointment. Once a client has booked an appointment, they are taken out of the Autopilot and do not receive any future emails in the sequence. This campaign works retroactively, meaning any client who meets the criteria will receive the email once the Autopilot is enabled. Each email is sent one time only per client. The content of the campaign can be edited to fit your particular business.  

Criteria required for the Bring 'em Back Autopilot to send:

  • Your business must be on Subscription plan that includes Autopilot Pro.
  • The client must have booked with you at least once before, but their most recent appointment must have been made more than 38 days ago.
  • An email address must be listed in the Client Details section of the client's record, found in your Client List

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