Bring 'Em Back Summary

The Bring 'Em Back triggers a sequence of five messages to a Client who hasn't booked in awhile encouraging them to book another appointment. 

The first email in the marketing drip sends if a Client hasn't booked a new appointment within 38 days of their most recent one. A second follow up is sent if a new appointment isn't booked within 21 days after the first email. This 21 day process continues over the course of three more emails. 

The sequence stops as soon as a new appointment is booked or until it runs its course. 

The following predefined criteria must be met in order for the Autopilot to send: 

  • The Bring 'Em Back is active
  • The Client has an email address on file in the Details section of their record. 
  • The Client's most recent appointment was greater than 38 days ago. 


  • This Autopilot sequence only sends once per Client. A new one does not continue to send after every 38 day period without an appointment. 
  • Once it's running, Clients who have booked in the past but haven't had an appointment in more than 38 days from the current date will receive it. 
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