Editing an Autopilot

Each of the six Autopilots includes a default template and content, and all are carefully structured to meet the needs of Businesses at large. They're ready to go out of the box, and no further customization is required. 

If you'd like to make changes, you can modify the email subject and sender, edit the text, and add images and buttons. 

To edit an Autopilot email, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Marketing
  3. Select Autopilot
  4. Locate the Autopilot Name you want to view and update. 
  5. Select Edit next to the title to proceed to the Edit Automated Campaign page. 
  6. Select Edit next to the Email Subject to proceed to the Edit Automated Campaign Email page. 
  7. Enter a title in Email Subject. This is how the email will be titled when it arrives in a Client's inbox.
  8. By default, your Business Name will be entered in Send Email As, but you can change it if you prefer. This is who the email will be from when it arrives in a Client's inbox. 
  9. Under Design Your Email, select in a content box on the template to view the editor tools and use them to revise the text, add an image, and/or insert a button. 
  10. Select Save at the bottom to apply any changes and to return to the Edit Automated Campaign page. 


  • Each template is not fully customizable. If text in the header, body, signature, or footer is not surrounded by a text editor (dotted line rectangle), it's hard coded in and cannot be modified. 
  • If a template includes a default image, it cannot be removed or replaced. 
  • The criteria for when and why each Autopilot sends is predefined and cannot be adjusted. 
  • The Bring 'Em Back includes five emails. Each is edited individually. 
  • The Automated Birthday Greeting and Referral Thank You include two content boxes in the body. The text can be changed in the top one, but editor tools are only available for use in the bottom one.
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