Activating and Pausing an Autopilot

Autopilot comes with six different marketing automations, and you can start or stop each at anytime. 

By default, they're all paused when the feature is first activated through your subscription.

To select which run, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Autopilot.
  4. Locate the Autopilot Name you want to activate.
  5. Select PausedScreen_Shot_2018-12-06_at_4.16.45_PM.png to switch the status.

The Autopilot will update to RunningScreen_Shot_2018-12-06_at_4.15.28_PM.png, and emails will begin sending when the predefined criteria is met. 

To deactivate the Autopilot, select RunningScreen_Shot_2018-12-06_at_4.15.28_PM.png to switch the status to PausedScreen_Shot_2018-12-06_at_4.16.45_PM.png

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