Creating and Sending a New Campaign to All Clients

Campaigns allow you to easily create your own beautiful emails that can be sent to all or specific groups of Clients. 

The following tutorial covers how to immediately send a Campaign to all Clients using a pre-made template. 

To create and send a Campaign to all of your Clients, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Marketing to open Campaigns. 
  3. Select +New Campaign to open the Select Template step.
  4. Under the Themes tab, select Preview next to any pre-made template to view the design and header photo. Note: The text in the body and call-to-action button can be edited when you get to the Design step. 
  5. Once you've decided which template to use, Select it to proceed to the Recipients step. 
  6. Enter a title in Name This Campaign. This is for internal use only and is not the subject of the email. 
  7. By default, all Contacts with an email address on file will automatically be selected for you.
  8. Select Save & Next to proceed to the Design step. 
  9. Enter a title in Email Subject. This is how the email will be titled when it arrives in a Client's inbox. 
  10. By default, your Business Name will be entered in Send Email As, but you can change it if you prefer. This is who the email will be from when it arrives in a Client's inbox. 
  11. Select in a content box on the template to open the Edit Content window, and use the text editor tools to change the default copy as needed. 
  12. Select Save Changes and Close to save the new content and to return to the Design step. 
  13. Repeat steps 11 - 12 as needed. 
  14. Select Send Test Email (optional) to send a test copy of the Campaign to the email address you're currently logged in under. 
  15. Select Save & Next to proceed to the Schedule step. 
  16. Select Send Immediately.
  17. Check I have reviewed the content and have verified it is accurate
  18. Select Finish to send the Campaign. 

Afterwards, you'll be returned to the main page of the Campaigns section, and your new Campaign will appear under the Sent tab. 


  • You can only change the title of a built-in call-to-action button. You cannot change the link, nor can you remove the button. Depending on the template you select, the button will direct Clients to either the Services or Gift Certificates page of your MassageBook Business Website.
  • Only default text on a template that is surrounded by a text editor (dotted line rectangle) can be modified. If text on a template is not within a editor box, it cannot be removed or changed. 
  • Your subscription type or free trial must include Campaigns in order to use this feature. Master or Marketing only. 
  • During a free trial only, you must contact MassageBook Support about activating the ability to send Campaigns.
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