Campaigns Overview

Campaigns allow you to easily create your own beautiful emails that can be sent to all or specific groups of Clients. 

Choose a pre-made template (or build your own), select who you want to receive the email, add a personalized message, and send away! Each pre-made template even includes a call-to-action button that sends Clients to your MassageBook Business Website to book a Service or a buy a Gift Certificate. 

With the information you collect and add in MassageBook, you’re able to send precise messages to specific types of Clients. It’s called target marketing, and with it you just uncovered a goldmine of possibilities! 

Want to follow up with Clients who haven't visited in awhile to encourage them to book again? No problem!

How about about reaching out to a group of teachers now that summer is in session? Done. 

Used effectively, a world of opportunity exists to grow your Business while increasing Client interaction!


  • Your subscription type or free trial must include Campaigns in order to use this feature. Master or Marketing only. 
  • During a free trial only, you must contact MassageBook Support about activating the ability to send Campaigns. 
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