Adding MassageBook Booking Options to Your Wix Website

Do you have a website on Wix? Incorporate MassageBook's online booking feature with your Wix website, and let clients make appointments directly from your website!

Here’s how you can integrate MassageBook within your Wix website:

  1. Login to your Wix account, select your website, and choose Manage and Edit. This will open Wix’s HTML5 website editor in a new browser window.
  2. Click on App Market.

  3. Search the iFrame/Embed application and hit the Add to site button.

  4. Once the iFrame/Embed application has been added to your website, select the placeholder and click on Settings.

  5. This will open a small panel where you have to enter the width and height attributes of your MassageBook booking page, which will be embedded into your Wix website.
  6. In MassageBook, navigate to your Business Profile. 
  7. Select Setup and choose Website Integration on the left.
  8. Under the Booking Widgets tab, locate the code for the Embedded Scheduler.
  9. Copy the URL for your Business Listing's Service Menu.

  10. Return back to your Wix editor and paste the URL which you copied above.

  11. Click Update.

You should now see your online booking page load right inside Wix! You can choose to show the booking page on a specific page or show it across all the pages of your website (change this from the iFrame app settings of your Wix website). Congratulations! You’re ready to accept online bookings from your Wix website.

For further assistance with your Wix site, please reach out to Wix directly at: 1 (800) 600-0949

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