Outcall Settings Overview

Add Outcall availability if you travel to the location of your Client's choice. Enable Outcall Settings to choose the places you'll travel to and to add Travel Time buffers in between appointments. 

To choose your preferences, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select Availability
  3. Select Outcall Settings to open the Outcall Settings window. 
  4. Check your preferred Accept bookings from
  5. By default, your Calculate Travel From address is based on what you entered under Listing > My Details. Select Edit to change the address if needed. Note: This address is for internal use only and is not displayed publicly. 
  6. Enter the maximum number of miles you'll travel from that address.
  7. Select Show cities and all towns and cities within that mile radius will populate. 
  8. To service all areas within the radius, check Select all
  9. To service only select areas within the radius, uncheck each location on an individual basis. 
  10. Enter Travel time buffers.  
  11. Select Save to enable your settings and to return to Availability. 


  • Maximum distance is calculated from the center of your address's zip code to the client's address and is based on "as the crow flies." 
  • Travel Time is the amount of time you need blocked off on your Schedule before and after an Outcall appointment. The default times are added to all Traveling Services, but you can adjust them on a per appointment basis as needed. 
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