Booking a Series Appointment as a Client (Video)

  1. Sign into your account by going to and selecting Sign In. Enter your account credentials and select Login.

    Note: If this is your first time signing in, you will want to select Create Account instead, and create an account with the same email address that the business has on file for you.

  2. All outstanding Pre-paid Services and Series will display under the Appointments tab. Select Book Next to schedule the Series appointment.

  3. Since you are booking an appointment in a specific Series, the Service will already be selected for you. Select a Service Provider, Date, and Time, and select Next.

    Note: The dates and times available to you will correspond with the schedule for the Service Provider you have selected. If the Service Provider is not authorized to perform the Service, they will not be selectable.

  4. Confirm your selection by selecting Next.

  5. Add any Notes for the Service Provider to review in advance of your appointment.

  6. Acknowledge the Cancellation Policy by selecting I agree with the cancellation policy.

  7. Receive confirmation that your booking is complete.

  8. Your client account is now updated to reflect the number of appointments in the Series that have been booked and have yet to be booked. All upcoming appointments will display under Upcoming Appointments.


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