Types of Payment Methods

Gift Certificate: Use this method only if the client is paying with a MassageBook generated Gift Certificate code. Gift Certificates sold outside of MassageBook should be applied using the payment method Other. Copy and paste the MassageBook Gift Certificate code from within your business' account, or enter it by hand.

Cash: Use this method if the client is paying for their entire purchase with cash. 

Check: Enter the check number to display in your Sales Activity and on the client's receipt. 

Other: Use this method when a client is paying for a Service, Product, or Gift Certificate with a payment method that is not specified in this list. This includes transactions checked out via Square, Groupon, or trade. The payment method Other allows your MassageBook Sales Activity to remain accurate while accounting for the purchase elsewhere. 

Charge: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, HSA or FSA cards can be accepted once you have set up and enabled a Stripe account for credit card processing within MassageBook.

Split Payment: Use this option when the client's method of payment is a combination of two or more of the above payment methods. 

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