No Showing a Prepaid Appointment

When no showing an appointment that's for a prepaid Service or Series session, you have the option to add or not add the credit back to Client's record.

To No Show a prepaid appointment and make your choice, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Locate the appointment you need to no show. 
  4. Select the appointment block to open the side menu. 
  5. Select Edit to open the appointment details. 
  6. Select No Show
  7. Add Cancelation Notes (optional). These are for internal use only and display in the Activity section of the Client's record. 
  8. Check No Show notification to client to send a No Show email and text (if enabled). Deselect to not send them. The option to send will not be available if the Client doesn't have an email address and cell phone number on file. 
  9. To add the Service or Series session back to the Client's Credits for future use, select Cancel: no charge
  10. To remove the Service or Series session from the Client's Credits so that it's no longer available for use, select Late cancel: charge

Note: Selecting to not charge does not automatically issue a refund to the Client. If the Client prefers a refund instead of a credit, do the following:

  • Cancel: no charge the appointment to add the item to the Client's record. 
  • Go the Credits section of the Client's record.
  • If it's a Series, select to Edit the count remaining under Pre-Sold Series and adjust accordingly.
  • If it's a Service, select to Remove under Pre-Sold Individual Services. 
  • Go to Sales and issue a full or partial refund as needed.
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