Color Coding Appointments by Service

You have the option to color code appointment blocks by Service. Settings are account specific, so each Staff can choose which best suits their needs.

To set your preferences, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Select the Settings Icon download.png in the top right corner of the Schedule to open the Schedule Settings window. Note: If you're taken to Availability, then you've selected Business Settings, not Schedule Settings. 
  4. Under Color options for appointments, select Color appointments by Service
  5. Select +Service Category (Bodywork, etc.) to view the Services list. 
  6. Select the color next to the Service's name to open the color palette. 
  7. Choose your preference from the available colors. Note: You can create a custom color by selecting Click to select a custom color and clicking and dragging your cursor around the color picker. Select Add to palette (optional) to save for future use. 
  8. Select OK to assign the color and to return to Schedule Settings. 
  9. Repeat steps 6 - 8 until done. 
  10. Select Apply to save the changes and to return to the Schedule. 


  • Once applied, all existing appointments will update to their assigned color. 
  • Appointment colors also apply to the mobile app's Schedule.
  • Colors can only be assigned to Services, Packages, and Series. Colors cannot be assigned to Add-ons.
  • The appointment block's color is based on the first Service that's selected when booked. If additional Services or Add-ons are included, a plus sign (+) will appear to the right of the Service's name. Click on the appointment block to view all Services or Add-ons in the side menu that appears. 
  • Only appointments can be color coded. By default, Blocked Time is gray and cannot be changed.
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