Enabling Client Intake Forms

Intake forms serve an important purpose, but are often disliked by both clients and massage therapists alike. Clients hate wasting time filling out paperwork when they’d rather be on your table, and you have to remember important intake information for follow up sessions, as well as keeping track of all that paper. MassageBook’s digital intake forms allow your clients to fill out their intake forms online, when it’s convenient for them. You’ll love and appreciate being alerted to contraindications and medications directly from the appointment on your schedule, and always having a client’s intake form just a few clicks away!

In order to use MassageBook's Client Intake Form feature, you must be on a Subscription Plan or a 30 day Free Trial for a Plan that includes Client Intake Forms. 

Navigate to the Business Settings section of your MassageBook account and select Client Intake Form to get started. 

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