Assigning Permissions

Permissions allow you to control which sections of your Business Profile that Staff can access from with their accounts. 

By default, Staff are automatically assigned all Permissions when added to your Business. 

To adjust which Permissions are assigned per Staff, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Staff
  4. Select the Staff's Settings (or Name) to open Staff Details. 
  5. Select Permissions
  6. Check or uncheck each Section to add or remove. 
  7. Select Save to apply the changes and to return to the Staff page.

When Staff log into their accounts, they'll only be able to access the sections you've assigned. For example, if Sales is deselected, the Sales section will not be visible in that Staff's account. 

Note: Only the Business Owner can adjust Permissions. Staff cannot adjust other Staff's Permissions. 

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