Creating a SOAP Note for a Recent Appointment Without One

The SOAP Notes section of your Personal Profile lists all appointments within the past seven days that do not have a completed note on file yet and includes the option to create one for each. 

Appointment details are automatically populated, so it makes keeping track of your work simple and convenient. 

To create a new SOAP Note from the list, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select SOAP Notes
  3. Locate the appointment under the Recent Sessions Without Notes list. 
  4. Select +New to open a blank SOAP Note. Note: Date of Service, Service Received and Provider Name are automatically filled in based on the appointment's information. 
  5. Add notes and findings as needed. 
  6. Select Save to complete the SOAP Note and add it to the Client's record. 

Note: The list updates on a rolling basis. After seven days of no activity, an appointment is automatically removed. A new note can still be created through the Client's record.

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