Saving and Emailing a SOAP Note

You can save a SOAP Note as a PDF file to your device through your browser. You can then send the file as an attachment through your own email provider outside of MassageBook.

To save a SOAP Note as a PDF file, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select SOAP Notes
  3. Type in Search Clients to find and select a Client to open their history. 
  4. Locate and select the SOAP Note to open the current version. 
  5. Select the Print button to open the Print Options window. 
  6. Choose Print with Anatomical Image or Print Notes Only to open your browser's print preview. 
  7. Select Save as PDF to save the file to our device. Note: This step will vary from browser to browser, but an option to save as a PDF should exist within the print preview.

Once the note is saved down, it can be emailed and shared digitally as needed. 

Note: The same process can be used for Intake Forms

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