Adding Notes to a client's record

MassageBook provides you with three different options for recording important information about a client. You can add notes that display only in the client's record, notes that appear both in the client's record and on every appointment, as well as notes that appear on a specific appointment only. 

Note: These notes are not available to the client; they are internal for your business only. 

Adding Notes that display in the client's record and on all appointments

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Search for the client and click on their name to open up their client record.
  4. Select Notes.
    • Notes: These notes only display in this section.
    • Comments or reminders to display on schedule for client: Notes added here also appear in the Reminders tab for all appointments that the client has on the Business Schedule until they are updated or deleted.

    • Comments updated via the Reminders tab on the appointment modal automatically update in the Notes tab and vice versa. 

Adding Notes that display on a specific appointment only

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Select an appointment.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Select Add appointment notes.

  6. A text box icon on an appointment block denotes that the business added a reminder to the appointment or that the client left a note during online booking. Click the appointment block to view the notes in the side menu that appears.

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