Importing Clients from a Spreadsheet

If you have a list of your Clients in a spreadsheet, you can import it into the Clients section of your Business Profile using a CSV (comma-separated values) file. 

Prior to importing, ensure that your CSV file has a separate column for each type of data. Available types of data that can be imported include:

  • First Name - required
  • Last Name - required
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State/Province - must be abbreviated
  • Zip/Postal Code - 5 digits only for US codes
  • Phone Number - 10 digits only, no spaces (1234567890) or with hyphens (123-456-7890)  
  • Alternate Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Birthday - MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY format
  • Notes


  • Please double check the spreadsheet for errors, such as special characters or letters in cells that should be numbers only. Misplaced characters or letters can prevent a particular record, or the entire list, from importing properly. 
  • If you are importing more than 2,000 Clients from a single file, it's recommend that you split the spreadsheet into several smaller files in order to ensure a faster and more accurate process. 

Once your file is ready to import, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Select Import / Export in the top right corner to expand the menu. 
  4. Select Import client file to proceed to Import Clients. 
  5. Under Step 1, select Choose File to locate the file on your device. 
  6. If the first row of your spreadsheet contains a heading for each column, check First row contains column titles?
  7. Enter a Tag of your choice (optional). Tags are used to group and filter your list. By default, a tag with the current date is added and will be applied to each Client record. Select the X next to the tag's name to remove it. 
  8. Select Next to proceed to the next page. 
  9. Under Step 2, select the Type of Data in each dropdown menu to match the columns in your spreadsheet. For example, if the first column in your spreadsheet contains first names, choose First Name when selecting the first dropdown. If the second column contains last names, choose Last Name when selecting the second dropdown. Repeat until all are selected.
  10. Select Next to proceed to the next page. 
  11. Under Step 3, check Select All to import all Clients in the list, or uncheck any that you don't want to import. 
  12. Select Next to complete the import.
  13. If any of the Clients you're importing appear to already have an existing record on file, you'll be notified and asked how you'd like to proceed. To replace the existing record with the one you're importing, check Overwrite existing record with this import record?. Check Overwrite All to replace all. If you do not replace a duplicate, the existing one will remain and the new one will be added. 
  14. Select Next to complete the import.

Afterwards, you'll be returned to the Clients section where you'll see, "Nicely done! Your import will be complete in a few minutes. Refresh page to check status." 

The number of Clients will continue to increase until all are in, and the amount of data you're importing will affect the amount of time the process takes to complete. Navigating away from Clients will not stop the import. 

Having trouble importing your file? Contact MassageBook Support for technical assistance!


Are you transferring your Business to MassageBook from another software provider? Below you'll find instructions for how to export your list from several other services. 

To learn how to save an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV file, go here

Note: The instructions for how to export are general guidelines and are subject to change without MassageBook's knowledge.

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