Why do I see "Pricing Not Available" on my Business Listing?

If you do not have a 60 minute Bodywork service, we display the message Pricing not Available. You might be thinking, "Why is it important that we display the price for a 60 minutes service?" Nearly all of our businesses have at least one 60 minute service. For this reason, MassageBook gathers the pricing for all of the "60 minute" services listed on the Service Menus of all of our businesses in your area and displays the lowest price to the public. 

When we display the lowest price for a 60 minute service, we are able to accurately reflect the true range of prices for your business while allowing a potential client viewing the directory to make an informed decision on the most popular service duration. This prevents a client from seeing "Pricing from $15" for a neighboring business who has 15 minute chair massage, while your service durations begin at 30 minutes. Businesses who do not have a 60 minute service still have great success in our directory, so no need to be alarmed! When a potential clients clicks the green "Select" button, they are immediately taken to your Listing where they can view all of the services that you offer! 

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