Creating an Add-On Service

An Add-on item is a service or product that does not have a duration and may or may not have a cost. For example, you can give clients the option to add aromatherapy oil or hot wax to their massage for an additional cost. 

1. Navigate to your Business tab.

2. Select Setup.

3. Select Service Menu.

4. Select either the In Office Services or Traveling Services tab.

5. Select Add New > Add-on.

6. Complete the following fields:

  • Add-on Item Name (required): The title of the add-on that displays on your Service Menu. This title is also included on the appointment block, as well as all email and text communication sent to the Service Provider and client.
  • Price (required): The price that displays publicly to clients and the amount due at check-out, before taxes, discounts, etc. are applied. 
  • Photo (optional): The photo that displays for the series on your Service Menu. You can choose from the MassageBook Photo Gallery or upload your own image. 
  • Description (required): A description of the add-on that displays publicly to clients who are booking online. 
  • Services this Add-on Applies to (required): The service(s) that clients can select the add-on for. Services already added to your Service Menu will display for selection. The only time the client can book the add-on is if they are selecting a service associated with the add-on. 

7. Select Save.

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