Adding an Add-on

To add an Add-on to your Service Menu, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Service Menu
  4. Select In Office Services or Traveling Services depending on what type you're adding. 
  5. Select Add New
  6. Select Add-on to open Add-on Details. 
  7. Enter an Add-on Item Name. This is how the Add-on will be titled on your public Add-on's page, on your Schedule, and on client facing communication.
  8. Enter a Price. This displays publicly and is the amount due before any tips, taxes, and discounts are applied. 
  9. Select +Add Image (optional) to assign a photo. 
  10. Enter a Description. This will display publicly so clients know what to expect.
  11. Select each checkbox under Services this add-on applies to to assign the Add-on to the selected Services. An Add-on can only be selected online if the client chooses to book a selected Service.  
  12. Select Save to create the Add-on and to return to the Service Menu. 


  • Add-ons are assigned to Services, not Service Providers. If a Service Provider is assigned to a Service, the Service Provider can also perform any applicable Add-ons. 
  • Add-ons do NOT display on your public Services page. Clients are presented with the option to choose one midway through online booking. First, they must choose to book a Service that has an associated Add-on. After selecting an appointment time and entering contact information, they'll be asked if they'd like to enhance the experience with any available Add-ons. 
  • If an Add-on is booked, a plus sign (+) appears to the right of the Service name on the appointment block that's on the Schedule. Click on the appointment block to view the Add-on in the side menu that appears. 
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