Adding Service Menu Photos

You can assign a stock photo to each item in your Service Menu, or you can customize it by uploading your own.

To do so, navigate to your: 

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Service Menu.
  4. Select either In Office Services or Traveling Services
  5. Select Add New or choose an existing Service Menu item to open Service Details.  
  6. Select Add Image or the existing photo if one is already in place. 
  7. Select your preferred photo. 
  8. Select +Add Image if this is your first time adding your own photo or if uploading a new one.
  9. Select Choose File to locate an image on your device.
  10. Use the crop tool to resize it and select Save
  11. Select Save to close and save Service Details. 

Your newly added photo will appear on your Service Menu and will remain in the gallery for future use by your Business only. 

To remove an image from your gallery, select the X icon in the corner of it and confirm Delete.

Note: You must be on the Master Plan to upload your own photos. If you are on a Free Trial of Master and choose to not renew on the paid version, your previously uploaded photos will not remain, and you will not have access to your gallery. Your gallery will become available if you subscribe to Master at a later date. 


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