Adding a Package

To add a Package to your Service Menu, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Service Menu
  4. Select In Office Services or Traveling Services depending on what type you're adding. 
  5. Select Add New
  6. Select Package to open Package Details. 
  7. Enter a Package Display Name. This is how the Package will be titled on your Schedule and on client facing communication.
  8. Use the Select Category dropdown to select a category that the Package falls under. 
  9. Select +Add Image (optional) to assign a photo. 
  10. Enter a Description about what the Package includes. 
  11. Click in the Add Services dropdown to select a Service that's included in the Package. Repeat until all Services are selected. Each Service must already exist in your Service Menu. The Retail Price will then calculate based on the total of all selected. It's for internal use only and does not display publicly. Note: Add-ons are not available for selection. 
  12. Enter a Sell Price. This is the amount due before any tips, taxes, and discounts are applied.
  13. Select Save to create the Package and to return to the Service Menu. 


  • At this time, Packages are NOT available for online booking, they do NOT display on your public Services page, and they are NOT available for sale via the Cash Register. Packages can ONLY be booked and checked out on the Schedule by the Business. 
  • Prep Time and Recovery Time for a Package appointment is the sum of all Prep and Recovery for each Service. For example, if Service #1 includes 15 minutes of Recovery and Service #2 includes 30 minutes of Recovery, the appointment will include 45 minutes of Recovery. These times can be edited on a per appointment basis. 




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