Understanding Types of Service Menu Items

There are four types of items you can add to your Service Menu: Services, Add-ons, Packages, and Series. Both In Office and Traveling Services are supported.  

Service: A single, stand alone service with a duration and a cost. Example: 60 Minute Swedish Massage. 

Add-on: An addition to a Service that includes a cost but NO duration. Add-ons are used to enhance a Service. Example: Add Aromatherapy or Hot Stones to a 60 Minute Swedish Massage. 

Package: Two or more different Services combined into one menu item that can sold at a discounted rate. A Package is booked in one appointment. Example: 60 Minute Swedish Massage, 30 Minute Facial, 30 Minute Waxing.  

Series: Two or more of the same Service combined into one menu item that can be sold at a discounted rate. A Series is booked out across multiple appointments. Example: 5, 60 Minute Swedish Massages.

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