Understanding Gift Certificates in MassageBook

Gift certificates are one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your business. They bring both cash and new clients in the door. MassageBook makes creating, selling, redeeming and tracking emails a breeze, giving your business even more powerful opportunities for growth.

Sell Gift Certificates on your Website:

Sound familiar?

You have a stack of paper gift certificates to sell somewhere in your desk drawer. Around a holiday you place them somewhere in your checkout area and hope clients will see them and purchase one.

Not surprisingly, gift certificate sales aren’t all that great…

MassageBook puts gift certificates online where they can be purchased easily by clients and visitors alike. They can even be emailed to gift recipients – without your having to lift a finger.

Just watch as your gift certificate sales grow!

Promote Gift Certificate Sales:

The key to healthy gift certificate sales is letting people know they’re available, and that they’re easy to purchase and send to the recipient.

Combined with MassageBook email marketing, you can easily send clients emails about your gift certificates and direct them to purchase them immediately on your MassageBook website.

Whether you sell gift certificates online or sell them in your practice, MassageBook is the perfect solution to promote, sell, and redeem gift certificates.

Track and Redeem Gift Certificates:

Once a gift certificate is sold, MassageBook makes the job of tracking what happens next a breeze. From purchase to redemption, you’ll always know the status of each and every gift certificate you sell.

Gift certificates can be redeemed as part of the normal checkout flow in MassageBook, ensuring that book keeping stays clean and tidy!

How It Works:

1. You set up a Gift Certificates Menu that includes both Service-Related and Custom Gift Certificates.

2. Clients view your online Business Listing via the MassageBook Directory, your Facebook page or personal website, or by clicking on a recent campaign that you just sent them from your MassageBook Marketing tools. They browse your Gift Certificate options and make their selection!  

3. Using our awesome selection of Gift Certificate templates, they create a personalized Gift Certificate that can be printed or emailed to a soon-to-be very happy client! A unique Gift Certificate code is placed on the account of the client who purchased the Gift Certificate.

4. You receive an email and text alert notifying you of the sale! Your Sales Activity and Gift Certificate reports are updated immediately to reflect the purchase. 

5. The client redeeming the Gift Certificate schedules an appointment directly from your Business Listing and pays for the appointment using the Gift Certificate Code. 


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