Resending a Gift Certificate by Email

A Client can choose to deliver a Service or Custom Certificate to the email address of their choice. 

Once a sale is finalized, the Gift Certificate is stored under Gift Certificates in the Credits section of the purchaser's record.

If needed, you can resend it to the same or different email address from within your Business Profile. Even if the purchaser elected to print from the get-go, it can still be emailed afterwards. 

To resend a Gift Certificate by email, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Clients to open your list.
  3. Search for and select the Client who purchased the Gift Certificate to open their record.
  4. Select the Credits tab. 
  5. Under Gift Certificates, select Resend next to the Gift Certificate you're resending.
  6. Enter the Email Address you're resending to. By default, the original one will be listed, but you can change it if needed. The field will be blank if the purchaser initially selected to print.
  7. Select Send to email the Gift Certificate.

Alternatively, a Gift Certificate can be resent from the Gift Certificates Report by navigating to your Business Profile > Sales > Reports > Gift Certificates > Resend.

Note: Even though they're designed to be added to your own material, Unique Codes can still be emailed as well. 

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