Setting Up Service Gift Certificates

You have the ability to sell Gift Certificates by Service. Service Certificates that are available for purchase mirror your Service Menu. All active Services in your Service Menu appear on your Gift Certificates Menu and are arranged by Service Category. To choose which are for sale, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Gift Certificates.
  4. Select Service Certificates.
  5. Select either the In Office Services or Traveling Services tab. Note: Clients are not required to provide their address when purchasing one for a Traveling Service, but they will be required to when scheduling online. 
  6. Select the checkbox for Gift Certificate Available next to each service that you would like to be available for purchase. Gift Certificates apply to all durations listed for the Service.

Note: If a Service is not available for online booking, a Gift Certificate for that Service will not be available for online purchase either. Any changes to Services in your Service Menu (adding, editing, or removing) will also affect your Service Certificates Menu. Any previously sold Service Certificates for Services that have been modified or removed from your Service Menu will still be active for redemption. Even if the Service is no longer available, the code that's generated will still be good for the dollar amount that it was purchased for. 

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