Activating Service Certificates

You have the ability to sell Gift Certificates by Service. Service Certificates mirror the Services in your Service Menu.

All active Services in your Service Menu appear under your Service Certificates Menu and are arranged by Service Category.

To activate Service Certificates and to choose which available for sale, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Gift Certificates.
  4. Select Service Certificates.
  5. Select In Office Services or Traveling Services (if applicable). Note: Clients are not required to provide an address when purchasing a Traveling Service Certificate, but they will be when booking online. 
  6. Select a Service Category (Bodywork, Reflexology, etc.)
  7. Check Gift Certificate Available next to each Service that you want to be available for purchase. If the Service includes multiple durations, each one will be available as a Service Certificate.


  • Service Certificates are purchased online under the In Office Service Gift Certificates or Traveling Service Gift Certificates section of your MassageBook Business Website.
  • A Service must be Active and Online in order for the Service Certificate to be available for online purchase. If the Service is just Active, the Service Certificate can only be sold through the Cash Register. 
  • Changes to Services in your Service Menu also apply to your Service Certificates Menu.
  • If a Service is modified or deleted, any previously sold Service Certificates will still be active and can be redeemed. The gift code that was generated at the time of purchase is good for the dollar amount of the original Service price. 
  • Service Certificates are for Services only. To learn how to create a Gift Certificate for a Series, go here.
  • Your subscription type must include the Gift Certificates feature in order to activate Service Certificates. Master or Marketing only.
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