Adding One-Off Availability

One-Off Availability allows you to open availability for days and times that you aren't normally available.

For example, if you are closed on Mondays but want to be available on Memorial Day, you can add hours for that specific date without adding them for all Mondays.

To add One-Off Availability, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile.
  2. Select Availability.
  3. Select Modified Availability.
  4. Select +One-Off Availability to open the Add One-Off Availability window.  
  5. Select a Date using the date picker. 
  6. Choose the hours for From and To
  7. Choose the Place of Business you are adding hours for if you work for more than one. 
  8. Select the Type of availability
  9. Add a Reason (optional). 
  10. Select Add Availability to add the hours and to return to Modified Availability. 

Alternatively, you can add hours by navigating to your: 

  • Personal Profile > My Schedule > select the calendar to create a new event > Modify Availabilty > Add Availability
  • Business Profile > Settings > AvailabilityModified Availability > +One-Off Availability.  
  • Business Profile > Schedule > select the calendar to create a new event > Modify Availabilty > Add Availability

Note: If extending hours for a day that you are normally available, set your One-Off Availability to begin at the same time as your Recurring Availability. For example, if you're normally available on Mondays from 8am - 1pm but want to be open until 5pm on a specific Monday, set your One-Off Availability for that date to be from 8am - 5pm. 

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