Converting a Google Event to an Appointment

If Calendar Sync is enabled, events that come Google Calendar initially appear as Blocked Time on your Schedule and are labeled via Google Calendar.  

To convert a Google event to an appointment so that you can assign appointment details, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Locate the event you want to convert. 
  4. Select the event block to open the side menu. 
  5. Select Details
  6. Select Office Appointment or Outcall Appointment depending on the appointment type. 
  7. Fill in the required details. 
  8. Select Save to convert the event to an appointment and to return to the Schedule. 

The newly converted appointment will update accordingly in Google Calendar. For example, if you change the date in MassageBook, the update will be reflected in Google Calendar as well. The block in Google Calendar will also show the Client's name and Bodywork. 

Note: MassageBook appointments can only be edited in MassageBook. If you attempt to edit a MassageBook appointment in Google Calendar, the changes will not be applied.

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