Converting Google Blocked Time to an Appointment

When you sync with Google Calendar, appointments pulled from Google will show as Blocked Time with the source of the appointment being via Google Calendar

Instead of having your Google appointments showing as Blocked Time, you have the ability to convert these appointments into actual MassageBook appointments, allowing you to add Appointment Notes, Reminders, Client Details, etc. Converted Google appointments will display just as if they were created directly in MassageBook. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Select the Google Calendar event that you want to convert to an appointment.

  4. Select Details.
  5. By default, the Blocked Time details will appear. Select the tab for Office Appointment.

  6. In the space marked Search Existing Clients, type in an existing client's name (enter three letters for matching results to display), or select Add New to add a brand new client. The client that you enter in this field is assigned to the appointment.
  7. Complete the booking by filling in all applicable fields.
  8. Select Save.
  9. The appointment now displays on your MassageBook Schedule.

  10. When your MassageBook Schedule syncs with your Google Calendar, the updated appointment details will display. This means that if you change the date or time of the event when converting it to a MassageBook appointment, the updated date and time will be reflected on your Google Calendar. The appointment in Google will display the client's name with the title Bodywork, meaning MassageBook is the source of the appointment.

Note: Appointments created in MassageBook or converted to a MassageBook appointment can only be edited in MassageBook.  If you attempt to edit a MassageBook appointment in Google, the changes will not be applied.

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