Establishing Google Sync with Your Personal Schedule

The Schedule on your Personal Listing displays only your own appointments and blocked time. This is especially useful if you work at multiple business locations, or have multiple Staff members. While appointments must be booked via the Business Schedule, your Personal Schedule allows you to block time across one or more locations, so that you appear unavailable both to the business(es) you work for, and to clients booking online.

If you would like to have all events on your Personal Schedule exported to a Google Calendar, you and/or your Staff can do so easily via our Google Sync tool. Each Service Provider will need to connect their own Personal Schedule to their Google Calendar.

Note: This tool sends the MassageBook events on your Personal Schedule to your Google Calendar, only. It does not bring events from your Google Calendar over to your MassageBook Schedule. If you would like Google Calendar events to display in MassageBook, or if you are the owner of only ONE business with no Staff, you will need to enable Google Sync for your Business Schedule under your Business' Settings tab.

  1. Navigate to your Personal tab.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Select the Settings icon to the top right of your Schedule.
  4. Next to Google Sync, select Connect.
  5. Select Connect

  6. Choose the Google account (email address) for the account whose calendar you wish to connect to. If no email address displays, select Add Account and enter in your email and address and password in the space provided. 
  7. Grant MassageBook offline access by selecting Allow.
  8. A list of all calendars associated with that Google account will display. Choose the calendar you want to sync from the drop-down menu.

  9. Select Save.
  10. Existing and future appointments booked in MassageBook will now appear on your Google Calendar. 

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