Can a Series Be Shared Between Clients?

A Series is tied to the client's record who purchases it, and for this reason the Services cannot be automatically split among multiple clients. We do have a simple solution, however, on how you can share a Series between clients using the Edit tool on the client's Series. If the client who owns the Series (Client 1) wishes to grant a service in the Series to another client (Client 2), follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your Business Schedule and book an appointment for the second client. The Service on the appointment should match the Service that is part of the first client's Series.
  2. At check-out, discount the amount due to 0.00, since the Service was already paid for when the first client purchased it. Enter a Discount reason, if desired, such as "Service part of a Series belonging to Name of Client 1". 
  3. Navigate to your Client List and open up the record for Client 1.
  4. Select the Credits tab.
  5. Under Pre-Sold Series, select Edit next to the Series and adjust the remaining Series balance down by one. Include a Reason for adjustment, if desired. This indicates that the client has one less service on their Series balance, since they gave the service to another client.

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