Booking a Series Appointment from the Business Schedule (Video)

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Click on a desired Date and Time.
  4. Select Book Appointment.

  5. Enter the client's name in the  Search Existing Clients field.

  6. The series auto-populates as the selected service. Be sure that's what you've selected to deduct accordingly. 

  7. Fill out the remaining appointment details and select Save.
  8. To check out the appointment, click on the appointment block and select Check Out.

  9. Both the series count and the remaining credit display. Unless a tip is added, the amount remaining should show $0. 

    Note: The count displays in the order that the appointments were added to the Schedule, not necessarily in chronological order. For example, if you first book the second session for a date in May and then later book the third session for a date in April, checkout for the April appointment will show 3rd in a series of X.

  10. Navigate to Clients. Select the client. Select Credits to view the number of appointments remaining in the Series.  

  11. Complete the same booking process each time to deduct all of the sessions. No more will be available once all have been added to the Schedule. 

  12. You can view all upcoming appointments by going to the client's Booking Activity.


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