Selling a Series from the Cash Register (Video)

Clients can purchase a Series online, or you can sell them one in-office. If your client is purchasing a Series for a future date, and is not yet ready to book their first appointment in that Series, use your Business' Cash Register to sell the Series. If the client is booking the first appointment in a Series, use the Schedule to book the Series so that the first appointment in the Series is already accounted for.

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Cash Register.
  3. Enter the client's name in the Select Client field or choose to add a client not currently in your Client List.

  4. Select Service and choose the Series from the drop down menu.

  5. Complete the check-out process.

  6. Navigate to your  Client List. Select the Client. Select Credits. The Pre-Sold Series is on the client's record to be scheduled for a future appointment date.

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