Selling a Product

Products refer to any items that you sell to a client that are not associated with your Service Menu or Gift Certificates Menu. In addition to items such as lotions and oils, selling a Product via the Cash Register could also be a means of redeeming an unused Gift Certificate, taking a deposit for insurance payment, etc. Products are not tied to appointments on your Schedule, and therefore, are not designated to a specific Staff. A receipt is generated for all Products sold and that receipt is tied to a specific client's record. To sell a Product via the Cash Register, navigate to your: 

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Cash Register.
  3. Select Add Product to open the Add Item window. 
  4. Enter a Product Name, Quantity, and Price (per item).
  5. Select Save to add the Product to the Cash Register. 
  6. Under Select Client, search for an existing client to select a purchaser. Or, select +Quick Add to add a new client.
  7. Select Checkout to proceed with recording the payment. 

Alternatively, you can sell a Product when checking out an appointment via the Schedule if the client is purchasing a Product along with their Service. On the first page of Checkout, complete steps 3 - 5.

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