What Happens When I Delete Staff?

Existing Appointments

Any existing appointments for the Staff member will remain on the Schedule. To view the appointments assigned to the deleted Staff member, use the filter by Staff tool on your Business Schedule and deselect All Staff (make sure you have the "Week" of the schedule enabled). This will ensure that only appointments assigned to deleted Staff members will remain in view. Select Appointment Details followed by Edit Appointment to assign a new Service Provider. If you choose not to make any changes, you will still be able to check out the appointment as normal, however, the Staff member will not appear as an option when scheduling future appointments.

Sales Reports

Deleted Staff remain a selectable option on the Staff Filter for all Sales Reports. This allows you to accurately keep track of income for your business as a whole, as well as by individual Service Provider. 

SOAP Notes

For any Staff member to view your business' SOAP Notes, they must have access to your Client List. Removing a Staff member breaks the relationship between their Service Provider profile and your Business Listing, and therefore they are unable to access any part of your business, including Clients and SOAP Notes. All SOAP Notes created by the Staff member will remain part of your clients' history and should the Staff member need a copy of a SOAP Note for their records, you have the option to print or email it. When the Staff member logs into their Service Provider account, they will see the following the notification: 


Reviews that were left for the Staff member and your business while they were a part of your Staff List will remain on both your Business Listing and the Service Provider's Listing. These cannot be removed, as they were legitimately earned while the Staff was employed with your business.


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