Adding Blocked Time Per Staff

Use Blocked Time to make Staff unavailable during a time that they have availability.

For example, if the Business is closed on Thanksgiving but Staff has Thursday availability from 8am - 5pm, add Blocked Time to that date and time to make Staff unavailable for online booking during that period. 

To add Blocked Time per Staff, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Locate the date and time you want to block.   
  4. Select the calendar to create a new event. 
  5. Select Modify Availability to begin filling in the Block Time details. 
  6. Use the date picker to change the Date if needed.
  7. Select the From dropdown menu to choose a start time. 
  8. Select the To dropdown menu to choose an end time.  
  9. Select the Staff dropdown menu to choose the Staff you are blocking time for. Note: Select All Staff to block the same hours for everyone.
  10. Add a Reason (optional). 
  11. Select Save to add the event to the calendar and to return to the Schedule


  • Each Staff will have an individual block on the Schedule if you choose All Staff. 
  • When booking online, Clients can only choose start times that don't conflict with the Staff's Blocked Time. When booking on the Schedule, you can book appointments that conflict with the Staff's Blocked Time. You'll be warned about the conflict and asked whether or not to proceed. 
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