Setting a maximum number of appointments or hours per day

MassageBook allows you, as the Business Owner, to limit the number of appointments and hours that you or your Staff are able to work on a given day. Publicly, once the daily limit has been reached, clients will no longer see availability for that day. Internally, an alert will appear when attempting to book in excess of these numbers, and you or your Staff will be able to override the alert if needed; this allows you to have complete control over your Business Schedule. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Staff.
  4. Select the Settings icon next to the Staff member. 
  5. Select the Settings tab.
  6. Enter the maximum number of appointments and / or hours for a given day.

  7. Select Save.

Note: MassageBook defaults to the lower of the two numbers when both are entered. The settings are for a daily basis and cannot be configured for individual days. Preparation and Recovery Time does not count towards max hours per day. Settings are configurable via the business owner's account only. 

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