What does "Can't activate until profile is complete" mean?

When you add Staff to your Business, an email invitation is sent to each person requesting to join you on MassageBook. Staff are then prompted to create an account and complete their Personal profile. You'll see "Can't activate until profile is complete" until the following requirements are completed:

1. Staff member has created a MassageBook account using the email address you added them with. 

2. Staff member has completed sections 1 - 4 of their Personal Listing. Within the staff member's account, navigate to Personal > Listing. All required information must be added to 1) My Details 2) About 3) Licenses & Education and 4) Places of Work. Once complete, the circle around each number will turn green. 

3. If you added someone who has an existing MassageBook account, they need to Accept the invitation by navigating to Personal > Dashboard > Items needing your attention. New accounts are not required to do so. 

4. The Individual Listing must be on. In their Personal profile, select Individual Listing in the top right corner to toggle it on. 

Once complete, "Can't activate until profile is complete" will update to Active and Online. Any remaining items needing your attention will be listed under Unresolved Issues



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