Messaging a client

MassageBook offers a great messaging feature that allows you and your clients to communicate directly within MassageBook!

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Clients
  3. Search for the client and click on their name to open up their client record.
  4. Select Messages. A history of all Messages will display.
  5. Select Send Message.

  6. Enter your message to the client and select Send

    Your message will immediately display in the client's Messages tab. The client will receive the message via email as shown below. Note: You can still message client's 

    Note: This message feature is not intended to be used as an email thread. If the client wishes to send the business a reply, they will need to log into their MassageBook Client account in order to do so. Replies sent via email will not reach the Service Provider or business, as the sending address is a no-reply.
  7. To view the message within their MassageBook client account or to compose a reply, the client can log into their MassageBook account and select the message icon followed by Inbox at the top of the page.
  8. The client can select the message to the left, enter their reply in the space provided below the message, and select Send.

  9. What happens next:
    • The Service Provider will receive an email notification alerting them that they have a new message from the client.
    • The message thread will appear in both the client's account and the Messages section of the client's record in the Business' Client List.
    • The business will receive a notification that they have a new message via the message icon at the top right-hand side of their MassageBook account. The message thread will display and the Service Provider can continue the conversation if needed.
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