Messaging a Client

You can email an individual Client through their record to communicate directly within MassageBook. 

To send a message to a Client, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Clients to open your list.
  3. Search for and select the Client to open their record. 
  4. Select the Messages tab. 
  5. Select Send Message.
  6. Enter your Message in the provided field. 
  7. Select Send Message to send it to the Client's email address on file.

What happens next: 

  • The Client will receive a notification about the message and a copy of it in their email address's inbox. 
  • Per instructions included with the notification, the Client must sign in to their MassageBook account and open the Inbox there if they need to respond. Note: A reply to the notification will not be delivered to the Business since it's sent from a no-reply address. 
  • If the Client sends a response via their MassageBook account, you will receive a notification about the message and a copy of it in your email address's inbox. 
  • If you need to respond as well, follow up in the Messages section of the Client's record to submit a reply. 
  • Repeat until the conversation is complete. 


  • Unread messages from all Clients are denoted by a number with an orange circle around it next to the envelope icon (Image result for envelope icon) in the top right corner of your account. Select Image result for envelope icon > Inbox to open Messaging, and a number with a blue circle around it will show next to the Client's name. 
  • Alternatively, new messages and replies can be submitted via Messaging in your Inbox.
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