Can multiple clients share the same email address?

MassageBook uses a client's email address as the unique identifier for the client's account, similarly to an account created on or Facebook. For this reason, an email address can only be used once and cannot be shared across multiple client records. If you have multiple clients who use the same email address for online booking, and the email address holder books the appointment for another client, please be sure to modify the appointment so that it is associated with the correct client who is receiving the service. You may also create client records without an email address with the understanding that they will not receive email notifications from your business. 

Clients with Gmail addresses:

Gmail addresses have a unique function that allow you to create multiple profiles using the same address. Let's say the email is One client can use that as his or her address. For the others, simply add a + to the end of family, followed by whatever else you choose.

For example, or Those email addresses will be recognized as different email addresses within MassageBook, but all messages sent to those accounts will be delivered to the master account,

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