Merging duplicate client records

If you accidentally created or imported multiple records for the same client, or if a client booked online with an email address that is different than the one you had on file, and now two records exist for the same client, you can consolidate the records into one by using the merge tool. This article will walk you through merging multiple client records into one client record.

Rules surrounding which types of records can be merged:

1. If an email address exists on both client records and both email addresses have logged into a MassageBook client account, the clients cannot be merged. This is considered merging two active MassageBook records and cannot be completed. If you have two records that cannot be merged, we recommend titling the incorrect record as "Inactive" so that you know which record to use when booking appointments. You can also add a tag to the record titled "Inactive" and omit all clients with this tag from your Campaigns, etc.
2. If an email address exists on both client records but only one email address has logged into a MassageBook client account, the record that has not logged into MassageBook must merge into the record that has logged in. This is considered merging an inactive record in an active record; the active record will always serve as the primary record.
3. If neither client record has logged into a MassageBook client account, you can merge either record. MassageBook recommends merging the oldest record into the newest record.
  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Clients
  3. Search for the client's first or last name in order to identify the two client records that you wish to combine and select the checkbox next to each record. If the clients you are merging have different names and don't appear together in the search results, search for the first client and select the before you search for the second client. 
  4. Select Merge
  5. The record that displays in the left column will merge into the record in the right column. If you wish to keep the record on the left, select Switch Records. The client details on the left will be replaced by the record on the right. You can also edit all client fields in the primary record from this view. 
    Note: If the record you are replacing has a field filled out that is empty in the primary record, the contents will move over to update the empty field, as seen with the phone number in the example above. The record being replaced had a phone number, while the primary record did not. The phone number that was on the former record now displays in the primary record. If both records have a field populated, what displays in the primary record to the right will remain on file. 
  6. Make any updates to the primary record (or leave it as is) and select Merge.
  7. Check the box confirming your understanding that the merge is irreversible. Select Merge.
  8. The correct record now displays in your Client List.


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